Payment Options

At, we have probably the largest payment options in the Philippines for events ticketing system : 

Users can choose among the following : 

- Use Paypal : 

- Bancnet ATM card : Bancnet is the largest ATM debit card connected to the major banks in the Philippines. See the backside and look for the BANCNET logo. At this time, not all bancnet cards are accepted but majority are.

- Online banking : if you have an internet banking option with your current, you can simply login to your accounts and pay online without leaving your room, simply follow the procedures given after you have chosen this options. 

- VISA & Mastercard credit cards, whether issued locally or internationally.

- Over-the-Counter of major Philippines banks :

- Over-the-Counter of other major non-bank establishments : 

- We added GCash from Globe Telecom : 

as well as the universal Bitcoin : 

- Grabpay

For all above options, we charge one convenient flat rate to the Event Organizer.