For Event Organizers

For event organizers, there are great benefits to use our cloud-based event management solution to help them streamline their process flow taken as a whole which include: 

  • Posting and cloning their events
  • Promoting and listing their events
  • Collecting payments with the largest payments
  • Controlling and monitoring access with scanners etc.
  • Managing and disseminating information about the event
  • Tallying sales incomes from the tickets generated
  • Help you generate secure printed tickets with control number
  • Manage free tickets (of media partners etc.)
  • Staffing and managing the flow of attendees.
  • Feedback management
  • Ease one process payment of all tickets sold.
  • Low operational costs and manage repeat events and scalability

Our process is:

  1. Register with us so that we can approve you as an event organizer partnering with us. Please note only duly registered company or with DTI are accepted since the organizer should be able to issue OR as your sell the event.
  2. Once approved, you can list your event and choose the ticketing system that suits your event (limited space, unlimited space, etc..)
  3. Drive your clients to book on the site to purchase the tickets
  4. Wait for our promotion to market your events as well.
  5. Each purchase will generate an e-ticket that carry a code which you can check for validation on your portal. Download the Android app to scan your tickets : 
  7. We collect on your behalf and remit the amount due to you, minus our commissions.
  8. Note we have the largest payment options for ticketing system in the Philippines, to see all our payments :
  9. If needed, we can offer paper printed tickets with the same security features, and charged at minimal costs. This avoid event organizers to print and manage their own tickets. 
  10. As a total solution supplier, we can also provide a team of usherettes and a manager to help you manage your attendees entry and monitoring. The solution consists of coming with a team of trained assistants to manage access of your attendees in an efficient way (avoid bottlenecks), secure access (avoid double usage of tickets, etc..) and to handle with smile and professionalism all your attendees. Our team knows and masters our process with all the requirements so that you can just enjoy the event as it unfolds...

Please kindly find below the various services that we offer and each have a different charge:

  • Online Sales Tickets (% of tickets sold online)
  • Ushering/Tickets Scanning/On-site handling (setup fee and staffing rate)
  • Digital Marketing (client budget)
  • Printing of Physical tickets and distribution logistics (print costs depend on number and categories, and distribution services)
  • Event Organizing (we would organize your whole event)

Should you need any further information, please kindly drop us an email at :