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The genesis of the FULLMOON Party PH comes from three people whose taste for music, dancing and traveling was the inspiration to create this unique party. DANCE, the essence of the FULLMOON Party PH, has been brought by Maritess, who traveled throughout the world as an animator of a professional dancers group when she was in her early 20’s. This young Filipina interpreted the house music by creating new dancing moves in clubs from Paris to Milano via London.

Her two children inherited some of this International culture and have experienced life in various places – France, Italy, Miami, Philippines. Starting from this precious background, Maritess, Kristine & Fabio gathered their inspirations to create a new kind of party in the Philippines that takes place under the bright full moon.

Hailing from all over the world, DJs will travel to bring their vibration to the beaches of Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island. The FULLMOON Party PH is the time of the year when one can dance to the finest electronic music, from deep house, tech house, powerhouse, to EDM. DJs make people dance until the sunrise with tremendous sets that allow every dancer to feel more alive than ever.

For three years, the parties have taken place in paradisiac locations, surrounded by palm trees, sea waves, and decorated with art installations that perfectly melt with nature. Exotic and wild, the atmosphere of the party allows participants to disconnect from reality to enter a oneirically world, thanks to the presence of professional dancers, fire shows, fluorescent paintings, and lasers shows among others.

Every moment of the night has been handpicked to encompass the unique experience under the full moon. More than one can expect, the FULLMOON Party PH fulfills every single body with good vibes brought by the explosive combination of music, location, and performances.

The FULLMOON PH IS definitely the party not to be missed in the Philippines, so COME OVER, THE WILD NIGHTLIFE OF THE ISLANDS IS WAITING FOR YOU...


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AMAMI BEACH RESORT. Talipanan beach Western Nautical Highway, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro FullMoon.ph info@fullmoonphilippines.com
Starting On:
Mar. 06, 2020 | 06:00 pmI can't attend
Ending On:
Mar. 07, 2020 | 11:55 pm
Amami Beach Resort , Puerto Galera

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Entrance- 1 Night: 1, 000.00 Php
Entrance- 2 Nights: 1, 800.00 Php
Cons.VIP 6K: 6, 000.00 Php
Cons.SVIP 10K: 10, 000.00 Php